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Dear Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back! January 16th will mark the end of the second grading period and the start of the second half of the school year. We ask for your partnership as we continue to raise the academic bar at Chardon Hills. Please maintain a regular routine with homework and bedtime, and continue to keep in contact with your child’s teacher.

This Wednesday, COSI on Wheels will present “The Incredible Human Machine”. This interactive program helps students learn what it takes to keep their body engines in tip-top shape. Students will explore the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems, plus learn about nutrients and how exercise keeps a body healthy. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring this day of science and health!

January also marks the first of our Playhouse Square field trips. Students with Autism and Grades 2-3 will see the ‘Havana Hop’ presentation. We are excited for these wonderful enrichment opportunities.

As always, Chardon Hills Magnet School seeks opportunities for the community and school to support each other. Please feel free to share your ideas to help us find such occasions. And please continue to communicate with Chardon Hills to ensure we keep our children successful.


Mr. Papouras


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