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Happy New Year, Arbor Families! 

This month's Superhero Character Trait is "Superheroes are Peacemakers".  There is too much violence in the world and we need to focus on making more peace!  Here are some tips for making children better Peacemakers.

“Five A’s of being a Peacemaker”

Admit the wrong — both wrong motives and actions.

Apologize for the offense and express sorrow.

Accept the consequences without excuses.

Ask for forgiveness.

Alter future choices and plan to act differently next time.

Talk to your children about this list.  Practice these skills by role playing conflict situations together. Point out examples (both good and bad) of conflict resolution on television, in movies, and in books. Ask your children, “How should that person have handled that situation? What would you have done differently?” Like any skill, peacemaking must be learned and practiced in order to be most effective.   

We will be practicing these skills as a school community this month.  Arbor Superheroes Promote PEACE! 


Looking forward to a peace-filled 2015 at Arbor,

Mrs. Simenc and Mr. Hardaway


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